Instagram in.

Recently I finally have started my Instagram. A person being lazy like myself is abele to keep posting some news for it. If you are interested to see my work in progress or some new stories, please come to check it!! Thanks!




Art Toronto (International Art Fair) has been started in this week! My work is included by LE Gallery at the Convention Centre booth 911 home page!!http://le-gallery.ca/


From Modern Toronto.

I got a review about my recent show from Modern Toronto! Please check the article.


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From “blog TO”.

Thank you for mentioning my show again!

Weekend events in Toronto: May 9-11, 2014


Legend Building

Recently I have not put anything on my blog! There is news about my upcoming exhibition “Legend Building at LE Gallery”. May 9th to May 31st. Opening will start 6pm to 9pm on May 9th. If you are in Toronto, please come to take a look my new works!LB_evite

Strange Journey.

I have not payed attention to my blog since March Because I have been so busy to do many things for example visiting to Japan, summer school and finally my upcoming SOLO exhibition at LE gallery. This year is pretty different than last years because the gallery focuses on more represented artists. Therefore each gallery artist have a hole space for the show. This is very challenge for me since my work takes a lot of time to finish and I have started new body work as sculpture!! However, I fortunately have finished all of my works for the show in last minute so now I am able to be relax. Please drop by the opening or the gallery I will invite you to a strange journey.


Last week I when to one of my friends’ exhibition at the Le gallery. It was good for me because recently I have been struggled with many school assignments which really annoy me!! So I need more relax in my life!

By the way, the artist is Matt Bahen who paints mainly landscape images with very strong and thick brush strokes. His work is totally different from mine because my works usually look thin colour of layers. Therefore, I am very appreciative of his different techniques.

It is quite difficult to explain his work since his original work   is much better than watching the internet!! So I strongly recommend you to see “his original works” if you have a chance. However, please be careful when you give a handshake to him. When I first met him, my hand was crushed by him. No, I am joking he is always gentle.