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Today I went to Musashino Art University because I needed to get my trans-credits in order to apply for Art college. I have not visited to my university for almost 4 years then I was rather excited that how the university has changed a lot. fortunately I could meet one of the professor who admirers my talent and I gave a maple syrup him. I showed my up-to-date works for him and talked shortly. However I was absolutely surprised that most of school buildings has changed and has been reconstructing. Maybe if I went to the university again for future, they would be changed more and I would not distinguish my university which is in my memory to the university. It was pretty sad but it was ok because I enjoyed my school life a lot!! I still remember it for ever!!It is a new building for fine art major as printing, sculpture and Japanese painting. It is such a splendid space for students! I think too much!!  One of my friend who was my classmate has taken a doctoral course and has a laboratory office at five floor. It is really something!!

This space is for a student as doctoral course. It is a nice shiny wood floor. I took a picture his space secretly.

This print studio is for graduate school students at five floor. It is a really nice view from the window. If only I could use the studio when I was a student.

This studio is really memorable for me. I used to run off screen printings when I was in school. However I honestly gave up for print making because of chemical issue then I mostly painted pictures but I sometimes did.

This is a new library. It is a very unique building but stills construct now then I could not take a picture for inside.

A main building in Musashino Art University.

I ate  a MAU set lunch. MAU means initial letter of Musashino Art Universty usually changes a menu everyday. It was just 4 dollars!!  I was so full!!

This is a entrance gate, very simple but I think it is cool design. See you my university I would like to visit there again when I become a great artist. It was a nice visiting for me today.


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There are upcoming exhibition at LE Gallery  this week. If someone who lived in Toronto or would visit there was interested in the Exhibition, Please join to the opening reception on April 30th!!  I really like both artist and their works!!  Please check it!!!!

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In Shinjuku 2

I still have some images about Sinjuku yesterday.

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In Sinjuku

I have sent my student visa application form for Canadian embassy today. Now I am rather relax and I just have to wait a good news form them. After when I was on the way home, I went to Shinjuku in Tokyo because I was really eager to go to the green house in Shinjuku-Gyoen which was a kind of park, like a small Central park or High park but need to pay a few entrance fee in Tokyo. However The green house has been reconstructing then I couldn’t drop in there. I was walking around and took some pictures as Japanese garden.

1/This computer graphic is a image of new green house. It looks like AGO entrance. It will have finished 2012 maybe. I will not be in Japan. But I wonder  where are tropical plants.

2/It is a very typical scene with blooming cherry blossom.

3/I like this picture because it looks like a Japanese bonsai tree. It is so cure but it is not so small size.

4/It’s a very unique  red bush!      It’s not a cactus, it’s an azalea bush. I was amazed it because it looks like coral!!

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It’s too late?

I really apologize that I haven’t put any pictures about my first solo exhibition at LE Gallery 2010 February. If I could excuse myself , I would say  I hadn’t bought my Mac Book yet.  However after buying my laptop I have been excited about using Internet, watching DVD, listing music and sending e-mail. Actually everything are maybe common things to you, but it is special events for me!! So I really love my notebook!! By the way I was also excited about my solo exhibition then I took few pictures. I should have taken more pictures!!

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I have forgotten to put pictures as my favorite rabbit on my blog since I came back home. This is “Mimiko” who is a five years old female blue eyes rabbit and named by my mom . Mimiko means “ear child” in Japan because she has long white ears.  I immediately was supposed to share my rabbit with you but I couldn’t because she suddenly made my bleeding on my finger profoundly. At that time I didn’t feel that she was an adorable splendid fairy. She is rather fierce. However I have made friends with her again and she allows take a picture.

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Right now I am preparing my student visa for Canada seriously because  it is rather difficult for me to get my student visa in this time. I have already come to Canada for three times. So I didn’t often go outside those days, but I went to an art supplies store in my neighborhood today in a break time. I was pretty surprised that there are tons and tons and tons of  items at the store. Indeed  I thought it was normal to be able to get those items when I was in Japan. It is great convenience to have an art supplies store. However I think it is too much items.I honestly have changed my mind. when I was in Toronto it is difficult to buy art supplies and I was suffered from the price. Actually it was hard for me but it was fun for me to cope with those problems because there were many friends who helped me. I have been in Japan for almost one week but I really miss Toronto!!

However water colour paints are much cheaper here than Toronto. I only like it.

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