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I would like to share with you some pictures which were taken by my mom when I went to my uncle”s home. I have explained my uncle is a rice farmer then I helped his rice planting in country side.

I was setting out rice plants on the rice field which was really muddy and rather deep. It was difficult for me to move and walk in side but I didn’t fall down never!!.When we finished our work we went to a mountain to get “edible wild plants’ before dinner.

It was really deep in the mountains. My uncle told me last year in this same time someone who wanted to get edible wild plants went down in the forest and was attacked by a wild bear then died in the mountain. It was so steep downhill for I and my mom but my uncle immediately went down and disappeared then we were rather  afraid of wild bear!!

This is edible wild plant. We had to get them because of our mission in the deep forest.


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I have just gone back home from my uncle’s home in Niigata prefecture. My uncle is a rice farmer  then I used to help setting out rice plants in the season before I went to Toronto. This time was really important for me because last year my grand mom passed away then we had to go there in order to place the ashes of the dead in her grave. I was in Toronto and I could not go to her funeral then I was cared of my deed and I wanted to say good buy for her. When she lived she called me that I am a painter and she always encouraged to be an artist. So even I wasn’t able to meet her but my gentle grand mom still lives in my memory profoundly.

“Passage of time” This picture is not new painting which is from my solo exhibition at LE Gallery in 2010. I would like to share with you this painting because I devoted this painting to my grand mom.

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Keep drawing #1

Recently I have been drawing black line  on my new painting since last weekend. I thought I wasn’t able to paint a new painting in Japan. Before I came to Canada I could not make any art works nicely because of so many stress in Japan. Actually at that time I created some paintings but most of works were not nice and I terminated some paintings before I finished. Indeed it is easy for me to get stress in Japan but I have changed my mind and I have tried to make a new painting from my stress.

Honestly since I came back to Japan I have had a lot of nice experiences but you could understand that there is not only good things. That is why this painting represents my feeling profoundly.

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At the gallery

Two days ago I went to Koyama Tomio Gallery to see Yoshitomo Nara new works exhibition with my mom in Tokyo. She is rather interested in contemporary art and likes Yoshitomo Nara’s works then she requested me to see his resent works there. Honestly I had never been to the gallery because I was almost afraid to show my art works to the gallery owner. I think that this gallery is the most famous contemporary art gallery in Japan. Therefore I thought they would not care about young artists. When I arrived at the gallery, fortunately he was there and one of the visitors who was his fun asked him to take a picture but he refused sincerely and disappeared for a stuff room immediately. In addition luckily I was able to see Tomio Koyama who is the gallery’s owner exchanged name card with me. Actually at last I could contact with him but I haven’t shown my art portfolio to him and the name card was not mine. I just gave Le gallery name card instead of Wil who is one of my favorite art dealers in Canada but if he looked at Le gallery’s web site, he would see my art works.

It is prohibition for every one to take a picture about exhibition at the gallery. So I took a picture in front of the gallery.

Indeed I took a picture of a flower bouquet which was a gift  from Takashi Murakami. he sent Yoshitomo Nara for cerebration of his exhibition.

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Today I went to embassy of Canada and I had an interview about student visa in Aoyama. I was kind of nervous for the interview because most of people who want to Canada and have been there for many times usually can not have any interview and would be failure. So I was lather surprised that I could participate in it. In addition I expected I would have it with a Canadian examiner. However the examiner was Japanese then I could explain my situation easily to her. Actually she asked me some pretty confusing questions but she was kind to me and understood how I am eager to go to Art school seriously. Finally she promised me I could get my student visa. So I will return to Toronto on June fourth. I am really looking forward to going to Toronto and meeting friends!!When I was on the way  home in Tokyo, I was walking at the street  then I found a really interesting building and took a picture for it. This building is Mori building which is a very high structure and  shiny blue appearance. There are office space and museum in the top of building. In this time I did not go there. Maybe I would go there next time and I will put a picture on my blog before I return to Toronto.

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I have finished my part time job at the flower shop in Tokorozawa station. When I was a child, I would often go to flower shops with my mom after school and a holiday. It was my favorite job as flower shop when I was little. However as time goes by I have changed my mind and have decided to be an artist. So it was rather great experience for me to work there. Actually I expected that I did not have any problem at my favorite work. But when I was cleaning up and carrying on flower pots, I dropped on an expensive orchid pod which was almost $200 on the street from the shelf by accident. I absolutely turned pale with fear then I immediately called the manager. Actually he wasn’t angry with me yet I was so sorry that I had broken it at the end. So I decide on buy some flowers from the flower shop before I go back to Toronto and finally I would recommend that if some one could visit to Tokorozawa station, please visit there and please buy some beautiful flowers because callers are very nice and friendly.

OMG!! My mom took me pictures secretly!!

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A new work

This is my new painting which hasn’t been showed on LE Gallery’s web site yet from my Solo exhibition February 2010. Actually I showed this painting but I finished barely and brought it after the directer had hung my works on the wall. Then I was able to prepare for my first solo exhibition at LE Gallery. Therefore this painting is lather memorable for me. However I would like to make better painting more more!!

This painting name is ” Beautiful Stranger #1.

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