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This cat lives beside my building, always stays my neighbor’s living room and looks at me from the sofa. In the morning The cat usually had looked at my studio before I wake up. When I change my clothes, have breakfast, study English as well as paint pictures, The cat often looks at me. Actually I do not mind because of just cat. However I wonder why the cat is curious about what I’m doing.  One day, I talked with my neighbor who is the cat’s owner said “what do you doing? Because my cat always looks at your dinning room then you are usually there.” So, I explained that I use this space for my studio and I showed my art works to him. Right now I am writing my story on my blog then the cat are looking at me at the same time. Please do not tell your owner my secret.


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Finally I have finished a new paint today. However, I have to keep like in this picture because it takes a long time for drying completely and I am very tired see you soon!!

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I am really suffering from this hot weather now, I can’t stand for it because there is no air conditioner  in my room. I hardly ever used a air conditioner when I was in Japan. However the heat makes me mad and tired specially this year. I think the last year was much cooler than this year because of a lot of rain and clouds. Do you think I am old? NO! Actually I have been living in Toronto for 2 years ,but I haven’t been accustomed  to live in the summer yet. Maybe I am getting better. If someone knows how to spend in The summer nicely please let me know! So, Please, don’t get heat exhaustion. Drink a lot of water, eat nice food and sleep well. 

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My Favorite Days

I have been studying at school Monday to Friday recently then I can’t paint my new painting so often. Although studying English is really good for me, I get a stress easily as well as it is absolutely bad. So, only Saturday and Sunday I can focus on painting which makes me feel so comfortable and relax. I can’t live with out painting which has already been part of me. However, I hope I can talk with every friends in English some day!!

I am at my apartment dining room, but I can say this is my studio!!

One of my favorite friends who gave me such a nice cute red flower yesterday then I put it in my studio. Also, she is so sweet!! Thank you so much!!

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Visiting studio!

Today I went to my friend’ s studio after school because when I went to a opening reception at the Le gallery last week, he invited me. His name is Tristram who also is one of the LE gallery’s artist who does great water color paintings. First, I got nervous in his studio. However, he was really nice as well as explained his up-to-date paintings kindly to me. We talked about concept for art works, favorite food and about other friends It was a great time for me to talk with him. Actually I took some pictures at his studio but I do not put any his recent works because he is going to have his solo exhibition at the LE gallery November in this year. If you want to know more information please check out both home pages. It will be fun for you!

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Keep painting

Saturday and Sunday are my best time for painting because I have been going to language school such as the place below. Honestly I like school as well as it is a great opportunity for me. However I have been painting my new painting since after my exhibition this year. Actually I had a break time such as going back to Japan, I didn’t paint it, but I drew some drawings. So, there are some images about my studio and my new painting but it stills secret. One day I would like to show my new painting.

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Last night, I went to a opening reception at The LE gallery that was full house with a great atmosphere. I was really impressed not only both artist’s art works but talked with many people as well. It was a nice English practice. So, if someone is interested in the exhibition, please look at their works I will recommend it!!

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