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Go to a Gallery

I have not renewed my blog recently because I have been so busy to study now. It is really stressful for me , ,but  it absolutely helps me so I do not want to complain any more. By the way, after school I went to an opening party at the LE galley last night because some of my friends who are gallery’s artists have an Exhibition as well as I am interested in other artist’s solo exhibition. It was full house, so many people were there and I could not move, It was not exaggeration honestly. So, I was kind of nervous of many people since I stayed in the office. However,I met not only a lot of my friends but also new friends there. It was a great opportunity to me because I could do speaking practice a lot and I interviewed artists. I got to there before it had been crowded. Therefore, I have not looked at every works in detail at the gallery and I have not been to the Show and Tell Gallery yet. So I will go again soon. Now it is a good time to see art galleries in Toronto. If someone are fascinated with art, I will recommend to go art galleries!!  


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