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Today I am pretty excited because I will go to the Toronto Art Fair 2010 now. I am very interested in various north American art. When I went back home, I will report you! By the way, I received an image about Katie’s exhibition as The VANITAS. The show will finish on November 6 so if someone has not gone there, please look her huge size of new paintings!!



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Two days ago I went to my friend’s show,which is presented by the LE gallery. The exhibition takes place at 111 Bathurst ST upstairs.

On of my friends whose name is Katie Pretti is,represented by the gallery,has an good ability to paint combination of abstract painting and figure drawing. Her painting style is a very dynamic brash stroke using variety of colours such as vivid pink, black ,blue, purple and so on. Moreover, the most significant, her paintings make use of red colour which are greatly popular and loved for many people including myself.

Why I am interested in her works because I have a memorable story for her works when I first came to Canada. In 2008 actually I was in Toronto and studying English(honestly I still learn it ) then at the time I had to back to Japan in one week. One day I went to a coin laundry room then I found a fashion magazine which probably someone left. During washing my clothes, I read the magazine and suddenly found an interesting article about young art curators in Canada. Although this article made me feeling fun, I could not go there because quite far from here and I had to go back to Japan so soon.Fortunately, the article showed several galleries including the LE gallery, then I sow art works which were from Katie Pretti and  Nichlas Di Genova. I really like both works. Therefore, I thought that the galley’s owner understands my works so I decided to return to Toronto with working holiday program in 2009. In addition, now I am thinking of going an art collage here.

The exhibition is composed a series of ten large scale of paintings that indicate alternative way of abstract images with figurative drawing quote art history. When I looked at her painting, I am of the opinion that I was surprised that the size of painting  is very  huge! Moreover,the series remind me of Japanese ink painting because those images include the concept of life and death which also crucial concept for Japanese traditional paintings as well. I am afraid that I use her images so if you are  fascinated in her works, please go to The LE gallery’s website or her home page, there is more information.



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Two days ago I went to the Le gallery because I had a meeting with the owner, but it was not about my next solo show for next year. Although I want to have my second exhibition at the gallery, I have not made up my mind yet because of my study.

I still think of going to OCAD so I have to study English more and more. It makes me   absolutely tired. However, I have been painting several new pictures in my free time then I brought two new paintings for the owner. I put  details from two recent pictures so if you are interested in them please come to the gallery. In addition, now  there are very interesting exhibitions there.

Someday I would like let you know my show soon.

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I would like to share with you something that I found at the Tommy Thompson park. Yesterday I went to Tommy Thompson Park because it was great weather and my roommate strongly recommended me to go there.

Tommy Thompson Park is a unique urban wilderness which is located on Toronto warted front. The park represents some natural habitats such as wildflower meadows, cottonwood forests and so on. If you are interested in the Tommy Thompson Park please go to the park’s home page, you can find more information.

When I arrived at edge of the park there was a shack beside the light house then the shack reminded me of Tristram’s painting which is ” Spit” looked exactly same as the shack. Tristram is one of my friends who are represented by the LE gallery has a gift for water colour painting. In addition, I have introduced him on my blog few months ago so please look for the story.However, I did not sure it was exactly same motif or not so I took several pictures from it.  After going back home I compared his picture to the images then finally I  realized that his image was inspired by the shack!! Thus, I emailed him with the images.

Actually I was extremely tired because of no bicycle so I mostly walked at the time. In addition, I am kind of an urban artist since I do not go outside so often. I think that I should buy my bicycle so soon. Nevertheless,I was very impressed that I found this object which is on my friend’s painting even I was so tired because I found  connection of art works from realistic world! I am opinion that this shack called me yet I went to the park to see it.!  There are information about LE gallery’s web site http://le-gallery.ca/ and Tristram’s home page http://tristramlansdowne.com/. Please compare this shack to his painting.

If you click the images, they will be bigger size.

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Printing show

Last night I went to my friend opening reception at The LE gallery.When I got to the gallery approximately 8:30 pm, Many people were standing and chatting each other it was full house. The show was divided two sections for Genevieve’s solo exhibition and group show. Both shows focused on print works such as silkscreen prints, etchings, wood printings and ink-jet prints. All works were very nice, I  was very impressed and especially Genevieve’s works were very pretty and colourful so I thought that it is good to see her works before coming long winter.

I am of the opinion that many people living in Toronto come to opening reception more then Japanese. Actually, the exhibition was solo show and group show. Therefore, if each artists invite their friends, probably many friends and collectors come to the galley at the same time. For example, I still remember a memorable story when I first joined a group exhibition in Tokyo. In the opening there were only 3 people including myself because some other artists had appointment so they could not participate. There were no visitors, the owner and friends!!. No, actually my few friends came to the show with bottles of beer then we drank and we talked our dream in the future. It was about 8 years ago and I was young!  On the other hand, in Toronto when I had my solo show, many people came to the gallery even I did not have any friends in Toronto. Indeed, there were two solo show including mine at that time since other artist invited many friends or the dealer did good presentation. Thus, I think that western style and eastern style are very different.

Indeed there are some commercial art galleries in Japan,but most galleries are very high position since young artists hardly ever get any opportunities such as solo show and good connection so we have to rent a space and show my works at rental galleries. This charge is very expensive!!!! I tried several times to show my art works yet they did not pay attention to me.That is why I have been so lucky to be here.

Bay the way, I should have talked many people at that time because It was a good practice in English. Nevertheless, I often get nervous in public so if only I could chat with them in English.

Next time I will be more outgoing.


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Today when I was painting my new painting, the accident happened at approximately 8:30pm. I think it was a horrible disaster for me because suddenly my chair was broken during sitting on the chair. At that time, I felt very strange like no gravity and flying. Maybe I had not known it can fold or adjust height before it was bent. Therefore, I played with my chair because I thought it was kind of fun and cool,but surprisingly my chair was completely broken and I fell down on the floor. If there had been any people, I would absolutely have been ashamed. How stupid I was ,but I am of the opinion that “I have been getting weight ?”. That was why my chair was ruined.

Actually, recently I have not done any exercise but I have not eaten any chocolate!On the other hand, my roommate told me that I have to eat more food and your chair was just old because of free.

Which is true?  However, I have to do more exercise so as to prepare for long winter.


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I would like to let you know my friend’s solo exhibition. My friend whose name is Genevieve Jodouin has her solo show at the Le gallery  and her opening reception is on Thursday this week. She is a silkscreen artist. I am very interested in silkscreen because I used to study this technique when I was a student. However, I do not make any silkscreen prints because it is difficult for me to have not only instruments but materials as well. Moreover, I can not afford my big studio so I have changed for painting.

By the way, She always helps gallery’s openings at the office. When I had my solo show this year, she also supported my exhibition sincerely. My show was great success and I was grateful for her kindness at that time. When I visit to openings she listens my poor English carefully. I also appreciate her. Therefore, I think that her art works represent her personality such as kind, lovely and pure because she chooses beautiful colours gingerly on her images so please come to her solo show at the gallery, I really recommend it!!

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