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I am so sorry that recently I have not put any new images on my blog because I was really anxious about my interview at OCADU. I have just finished it today. I did my best in my interview. So I am rather tired. Maybe, I can sleep very well tonight.


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Yesterday I dropped into the gallery and took several quick photos. So  there are various images which you can see. However, I recommend you to go there if you can because now you are able to see many different art works at the same time. This exhibition still opens in this month, please enjoy nice works as well.

To be honest, I am still rather tired from sick. Please do not get any illness from the cold weather. Stay warm!!

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Opening at LE.

Last night I went to the opening reception at LE. That was a significant group show for the gallery because of seven years anniversary. So, I am very grad to participate in the exhibition because almost the show is composed by gallery artist. Bay the way, It was very clouded and full house, I swear it absolutely good start. I supposed to take pictures yet I could not because there were so many people and it was very difficult to make a distance. Actually no one wanted to go out because of cold outside except a smoking team. So, there are some shots. Now you understand you have to go there.

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I just would like to let you know about LE SEPT. This is a really significant exhibition for the gallery. Fortunately, I will participate in the show and show  my paintings. So if some one is interested in the exhibition please come to the gallery and celebrate for 7 anniversary!!

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Actually I do not have any news for you. However, in the morning I listened the radio during cooking. The forecast has predicted there will be a terrible snow storm tonight. The snow might be approximately 30 cm. I am rather worried it. I hope that no one gets any troubles.

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