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After the long winter, the Spring is coming.


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LE SEPT which is my recent group exhibition has gotten an interview on Magenta Magazine.

There is link for the web site.
If some one are interested in this article, please go to the home page.


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I was so upset when I looked at the disaster in Japan. I could not think about anything at the time.  Although my friends sincerely concern my family, friends as well as Japan, I am very frustrated that I live in Canada now. Actually someone may say that what you would be able to do if I could go back to Japan?  I am still very confused,but I try to do my best in my life in Canada.

I would like to ask some help to Japan. If someone could send to help, please visit this home page.


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One of my friends and favourite artists who is Kate Pretti lets me know that she is pleased the art residence at  ctrllab: Montreal Art House where she will be featured in Home, Paralleled (part of the Art Matters Festival) and working on a special project: Reckless Abandonment. Please find the press kit attached. If someone is interested in her art works and have a plan to go to Montreal, I strongly recommend to see her great works!! Also, there is her home page, Please visit there and find more details. www.katiebondpretti.com

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Start March.

I am still very anxious about my interview and English test  because I have not received both results. So, nowadays I do not really enjoy my life. Moreover, I did not renew any images on my blog. However, I have  been preparing for new paintings recently. For instance, I bought a huge wooden panel and mounted big size of paper. In addition, I went to an electronic store which is near “High way 7 ” in order to buy a special gadget. It is “a very crucial device” which enables me to draw vast images on paper, but it is very unique as I just ordered it and am waiting.

This wooded panel will be the biggest painting for my exhibition and kind of heavy. Thus, it took approximately a hour for mounting the paper on it.

I completely finished to mount the paper which looks very nice and flat (Japanese quality). Actually many people prefer to paint on canvases or wooden panels since it is needed a high skills as mounting paper as well as taking so much time. I have been using this style since I was in high school so I am used to this skill very much. Although this is not very popular technique, I prefer to draw on the paper because I am able to depict  detailed images more them canvas. Finally, this is a very indispensable notebook for me because there are a lot of images, concepts and  so on. I refrain to show it for you because of mess. Nevertheless, next time I will show you a few images.


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