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Tomorrow I finally will finish my language school. “Of course I must keep studying English!!”  Therefore, one of my teachers who recommended me to make a presentation for my classmates in my last session. the topic is about my art works. To be honest, I have been keeping secret my art works for my classmates because I am unwilling to get attention from many people. However, I have to get use to make a speech since it is expected that I have a lot of presentations in my future in public. It is a small challenge but, it is a big opportunity for me. Just do it!!  But, I am sleepy.  


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To be honest, I do not have any interesting stories for you these days but, I have just one good thing that I received a book coupon from the school because of my good attendance. Actually I supposed that I buy an English text book for my study. Nevertheless, I changed my mind because when I went to a book store, I found a really beautiful art book. After that I immediately made a decision to buy it.  Any way now is almost 11pm children have to go to the bed so next time I will report my recent favourite book as well as artist that is incredibly awesome!!

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I am upset  because the weather is so crazy nowadays. I expected that a lovely week end was coming, but I could not believe that last weekend was snow! Therefore, I mostly stay at my dining room “studio” then I worked on my new painting. Actually it was good for me since I was able to concentrate on work. However, now is middle of April so I suppose the weather should be nice. In addition, many stores and departments have put beautiful flowers in front of each entrance yet they are almost frozen because of freezing temperature. Well I have know welcome TORONTO!!

Any way, I went to my friend group exhibition at the Harbourfront Centre . It was fun to see several art works.  If someone is interested in art works please go there!! I guess this show opens in 2weeks from April 15.

He is one of exhibited artists whose name is Alex MacLeod and his works are very fantastic visions. I like his works very much!!

This is one of  my roommate’s amaryllis which finally has been blossoming looks pretty weird because it is not tall but small spring comes to my place.

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