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I hope everybody has a great time in this summer . Maybe some one have gone to travel, cottage, resort and so on.
What is the splendid idea I have never had in my life.
One of my friends who has a cottage near the lake told me that when he went to there, he had a barbecue, went swimming in the lake, read books or sleep in the hammock. It sounds really nice to me and I would like to have fun to do like that.
Well, What have I had in this summer?  I have been having an ideal time as making works! I have been staying at my studio (dining room ) even the weather is absolutely great. It sounds great does not it. Actually I was going to visit to Japan this time but, I could not it because I have to do so many things. If I had gone to Japan, I would have met my friends and had drink, gone shopping, visited many historical buildings, done research into Japanese artists and more and more!!
However, I have been enjoyed my environment now and I love living Toronto!.  Thus, next time maybe December I would like to visit to Japan whereas I do not like Japanese winter because of extremely cold outside and inside!!


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