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Happy Christmas for everyone. Actually I do not celebrate for the day ,but now I have to follow this such a great day. Thank you for every friends. I wish you have a wonderful day today.


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I have just stretched paper on a wood panel before I had been to the Le gallery because today is the last day for the exhibition in this year and I wanted to say “thank you” for the dealer. Fortunately, I sold my works from there because of his great effort and also my effort as well. It was a nice visiting and walking around for me. I always focused on my painting too much so my friends usually strongly recommended me to go out!!

The city has changed a lot with christmas illuminations such as every store has christmas trees with a lot of red, green and golden decorations that amused me. However, there is lacking of something important for the season. Many people and myself have a strong desire for “SNOW” in the city!

We are not able to think of without snow in the Christmas! Where is the snow? I have been waiting snow for Christmas this year. Why I think so because my stretching paper reminds me of snow because of snow.

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