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I should let you know about the Nicholas Di Genova’s show in Paris soon. He is one of my favourite artists in Canada and also takes part in the Le gallery as well. If some one is in Paris or  interested in his works, please go to the web site. There is information about his work and installation.

Nicholas Di Genova – Preemptive Evolution | galerie dukan hourdequin




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I would like to mention about one of my friends has an exhibition now.

There is information. Change of Seasons, at Freedom Clothing Collective, this Friday November 25th at 8pm. Freedom Clothing Collective is located at 939 Bloor Street West (at Ossington) in Toronto. There are two elements to this exhibition, framed work and an installation piece. The framed work will be on display until December 4th and the installation piece will stay up until Januray 31st. Freedom Clothing Collective is open everyday from noon to 7:30.

More information http://freedomclothingcollective.blogspot.com/2011/11/november-exhibition-change-of-seasons.html

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I am upset  because the weather is so crazy nowadays. I expected that a lovely week end was coming, but I could not believe that last weekend was snow! Therefore, I mostly stay at my dining room “studio” then I worked on my new painting. Actually it was good for me since I was able to concentrate on work. However, now is middle of April so I suppose the weather should be nice. In addition, many stores and departments have put beautiful flowers in front of each entrance yet they are almost frozen because of freezing temperature. Well I have know welcome TORONTO!!

Any way, I went to my friend group exhibition at the Harbourfront Centre . It was fun to see several art works.  If someone is interested in art works please go there!! I guess this show opens in 2weeks from April 15.

He is one of exhibited artists whose name is Alex MacLeod and his works are very fantastic visions. I like his works very much!!

This is one of  my roommate’s amaryllis which finally has been blossoming looks pretty weird because it is not tall but small spring comes to my place.

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One of my friends and favourite artists who is Kate Pretti lets me know that she is pleased the art residence at  ctrllab: Montreal Art House where she will be featured in Home, Paralleled (part of the Art Matters Festival) and working on a special project: Reckless Abandonment. Please find the press kit attached. If someone is interested in her art works and have a plan to go to Montreal, I strongly recommend to see her great works!! Also, there is her home page, Please visit there and find more details. www.katiebondpretti.com

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Today I have just received an image of  Tristram’s solo show. He is exhibiting at the LE gallery with Amanda. He has an incredible water colour painting skill with accurate images. He paints carefully several motifs such as buildings, houses and so on with his unique imagination! I am a big fun of both artists so I am absolutely looking forward to seeing art works at the opening. If  some one is interested in the exhibition, do not miss it !!!!

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like milk & blood

One of my friends whose name is Amanda has her solo show at Le gallery this month.

She mostly draws black and white animals such as dogs, wolves, with other motifs  using pencil. When I firstly sow her works at Le, I expected the artist was a man because her drawings were  densely detail  and  very strong images. However, she is a very pretty woman so I wonder how she creates those works with her thin arms!! May be, she is very energetic and powerful personality as well as remarkably positive. That is why, she can do it. Therefore, I am very looking for ward to seeing her new works and Tristram who is also a Le gallery’s artist has his solo show at the same time. So If someone is interested both exhibitions,please come to the gallery!!  I absolutely recommend both artist’s works!!

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Today I am pretty excited because I will go to the Toronto Art Fair 2010 now. I am very interested in various north American art. When I went back home, I will report you! By the way, I received an image about Katie’s exhibition as The VANITAS. The show will finish on November 6 so if someone has not gone there, please look her huge size of new paintings!!


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