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I should let you know about the Nicholas Di Genova’s show in Paris soon. He is one of my favourite artists in Canada and also takes part in the Le gallery as well. If some one is in Paris or  interested in his works, please go to the web site. There is information about his work and installation.

Nicholas Di Genova – Preemptive Evolution | galerie dukan hourdequin




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One of my friends and favourite artists who is Kate Pretti lets me know that she is pleased the art residence at  ctrllab: Montreal Art House where she will be featured in Home, Paralleled (part of the Art Matters Festival) and working on a special project: Reckless Abandonment. Please find the press kit attached. If someone is interested in her art works and have a plan to go to Montreal, I strongly recommend to see her great works!! Also, there is her home page, Please visit there and find more details. www.katiebondpretti.com

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Time goes by so quickly. However, I still remember my first solo exhibition in 2010 clearly  because it was very significant  development in my life. On the other hand, I was really suffering the dead line for the show exactly in this time in last year. At that time I had not finished one of my paintings before the beginning of exhibition. I was extremely anxious about it like a hell ,but fortunately I was able to finish it before 3 hours from the opening reception. Of course I pretended to be nice for the guests with smile yet I really breathed a sigh of relief secretly. I had had a hamburger from Hero Certified Burgers before the solo show because of making confidence like a HERO!  Perhaps I will go to the diner again before my second solo exhibition. That mean I will discuss the date with the dealer soon….

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From Japan.

Yesterday after school I went to a post office because my mom had sent me a package and finally it had arrived here. I did not expect that it was quite big and pretty heavy so I wondered that what kind of things she sent me. Actually I requested her to send an English word book because a couple month ago I lost it somewhere, maybe in the subway, libraries or shopping centre. I often looked at it on the way to school and  on the way to go home so as to increase my vocabulary.

Please understand my poor English because studying language is totally difficult for me!! By the way, When I opened my package I immediately recognized that what she put in it. She got my favourite snacks into it. To be honest I am not particular about food ,but I do not really want to eat snacks such as potato chips, chocolate bars and so on. Therefore, I was not excited about any snacks and sweets except for Rice Cracker! Rice Cracker is absolutely one of my favourite snacks which reminds me my grand father’s home and taste is great. Actually I really love SOMA chocolate yet I sometimes extremely miss this snack because it is difficult for me to get it in Toronto. Although I am learning Northern American Culture right now, I can not quit eating it!!

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From 2010.

I have some my favourite things such as items, experiences and so on from last year. So Today I would like to share my favorurite with you.

First  from My Solo Exhibition

Second The best photogenic award in 2010 at LE

Third  Fresh vegetable bugger

Fourth Borrowed LOST DVD

Fifth Christmas Cookies

Finally of course Chocolate from SOMA

Those are my favourite things from 2010. To be honest, I had more good times. I hope this year is more exciting and a lot of fun for everyone!!

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I completely forget to put my rabbit in the beginning of  this year because this is the Year of the Rabbit in the twelve zodiac signs (in Chinese astrology). In japan by the beginning of  year most people  send new year’s cards which is including each year’s animals for someone like friends, coworkers and so on by tradition. This is a very famous Japanese traditional custom. However, nowadays many people who are young prefer to send only email because of easy and quick. Actually  when I was in Japan I used to send a card to my friends with nice pictures. Those images were by my hand so they would be surprised at me because I spent a time for each cards sincerely….maybe?. If my friends look at my blog and still have my card please keep it which might be valuable…..

No!! it is a joke honestly!

Also, This is one of my favourite blogs which is ” The Daily Bunny”. You can see various rabbits every day. The Daily Bunny

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On December 31st when I looked at the clock before new year had already started. that mean I did not realize the moment of new year. At that time probably many people  celebrated the beginning of 2011 and made a new year resolution with someone.  Do you think that I am in misery? because I just stayed at my studio.

However, I finally have finished my new work as “sculpture”!!!!

Actually this situation is very similar to last year, I was really nervous about my first solo exhibition at LE and I was suffering to paint the biggest painting also I did not finish 4 more paintings thus, I got  absolutely into a panic. On the other hand, when in Japan I was a freelance illustrator and I had to send images before the deadline in the same time. I think that this is maybe my fate.

Nevertheless, I do not feel sad because at that time my  favourite chocolate which is from SOMA helped and encouraged me. If  someone is interested in SOMA chocolate, please go to their home page. I am not advertisement for them I am a really  huge of  this chocolate!!

Finally, I hope everybody spent such a great time in this new year and have a lot of fun in this year!! In addition, I do not recommend working by the end of year!

I love this chocolate !!!

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