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On December 31st when I looked at the clock before new year had already started. that mean I did not realize the moment of new year. At that time probably many people  celebrated the beginning of 2011 and made a new year resolution with someone.  Do you think that I am in misery? because I just stayed at my studio.

However, I finally have finished my new work as “sculpture”!!!!

Actually this situation is very similar to last year, I was really nervous about my first solo exhibition at LE and I was suffering to paint the biggest painting also I did not finish 4 more paintings thus, I got  absolutely into a panic. On the other hand, when in Japan I was a freelance illustrator and I had to send images before the deadline in the same time. I think that this is maybe my fate.

Nevertheless, I do not feel sad because at that time my  favourite chocolate which is from SOMA helped and encouraged me. If  someone is interested in SOMA chocolate, please go to their home page. I am not advertisement for them I am a really  huge of  this chocolate!!

Finally, I hope everybody spent such a great time in this new year and have a lot of fun in this year!! In addition, I do not recommend working by the end of year!

I love this chocolate !!!


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Today when I was painting my new painting, the accident happened at approximately 8:30pm. I think it was a horrible disaster for me because suddenly my chair was broken during sitting on the chair. At that time, I felt very strange like no gravity and flying. Maybe I had not known it can fold or adjust height before it was bent. Therefore, I played with my chair because I thought it was kind of fun and cool,but surprisingly my chair was completely broken and I fell down on the floor. If there had been any people, I would absolutely have been ashamed. How stupid I was ,but I am of the opinion that “I have been getting weight ?”. That was why my chair was ruined.

Actually, recently I have not done any exercise but I have not eaten any chocolate!On the other hand, my roommate told me that I have to eat more food and your chair was just old because of free.

Which is true?  However, I have to do more exercise so as to prepare for long winter.


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Two days ago, I went to the queen’s park because it was nice wether,  very warm outside and good walking. To be honest, I am not good at any sports so I need more exercise seriously to prepare for the long winter. I think that walking is one high effective activity for me because I do not need any special items and there is no extra charge. Therefore, it is goo for a poor artist.

It was a nice walking in neighborhood since I could breathe deeply near to the nature as well as research. In addition, natural green smell made me feeling relax and calm. During walking I took a lot of pictures such as red trees, yellow trees and green trees. I did research for many different trees because I have been thinking my next new paintings which really connect to the nature especially trees. The reason is that in Canadian art history  the most famous painting style is landscape view like ” Group of seven”.  When I went to AGO few months ago, I saw a lot of paintings and I though how I quote art history of landscape for my style. Thus, I would like to make new paintings which represent my view of landscape paintings.

Bay the way, when I got to the park, I found very strange mushrooms because the colour was incredibly bright yellow and size was incredible. I have never seen this mushrooms in my life. Actually I did not eat them, but I took some images so if you are interested in the mushrooms, please go to the queen park. Maybe you can see them. Also please click pictures, they can be bigger images.

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