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Recently I finally have started my Instagram. A person being lazy like myself is abele to keep posting some news for it. If you are interested to see my work in progress or some new stories, please come to check it!! Thanks!




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I got a review about my recent show from Modern Toronto! Please check the article.


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I have not sad “Happy new year” because at that time I worked on one of my new sculptures which finally have been finished the beginning of this year. Why do I have to work so hard? The reason is that my gallery’s director will come by in this month so I have to prepare several works for the presentation!!

Bay the way, I hope you will have a lot of good experiences in 2012!!

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Happy Christmas for everyone. Actually I do not celebrate for the day ,but now I have to follow this such a great day. Thank you for every friends. I wish you have a wonderful day today.

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I am so sorry that I have not posted anything on my blog even though someone might see it. This month I have started some courses at the university and I have been getting involve many projects like reading, writing and of course painting!! Therefore, I did not put any stories. I should have shared what I have done in this summer such as painting, painting and painting… Well, it sounds nothing interesting for you? because I mostly stay in my studio in the summer and now ,but I enjoy it.

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I hope everybody has a great time in this summer . Maybe some one have gone to travel, cottage, resort and so on.
What is the splendid idea I have never had in my life.
One of my friends who has a cottage near the lake told me that when he went to there, he had a barbecue, went swimming in the lake, read books or sleep in the hammock. It sounds really nice to me and I would like to have fun to do like that.
Well, What have I had in this summer?  I have been having an ideal time as making works! I have been staying at my studio (dining room ) even the weather is absolutely great. It sounds great does not it. Actually I was going to visit to Japan this time but, I could not it because I have to do so many things. If I had gone to Japan, I would have met my friends and had drink, gone shopping, visited many historical buildings, done research into Japanese artists and more and more!!
However, I have been enjoyed my environment now and I love living Toronto!.  Thus, next time maybe December I would like to visit to Japan whereas I do not like Japanese winter because of extremely cold outside and inside!!

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After the long winter, the Spring is coming.

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