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Recently I have had a great news that the drake hotel picks my  works up street-side window space. One of the hotel buildings has been construction so they have been covering windows using my two paintings. I am very appreciative of this support!! There is more information about the installation at the great hotel.


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Today I woke up 6:00 am after that I began to paint my new painting.  In addition, I stopped drawing now. This is photo shot from my studio. I have to work so hard because I will have my solo exhibition so soon.

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LE SEPT which is my recent group exhibition has gotten an interview on Magenta Magazine.

There is link for the web site.
If some one are interested in this article, please go to the home page.


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Start March.

I am still very anxious about my interview and English test  because I have not received both results. So, nowadays I do not really enjoy my life. Moreover, I did not renew any images on my blog. However, I have  been preparing for new paintings recently. For instance, I bought a huge wooden panel and mounted big size of paper. In addition, I went to an electronic store which is near “High way 7 ” in order to buy a special gadget. It is “a very crucial device” which enables me to draw vast images on paper, but it is very unique as I just ordered it and am waiting.

This wooded panel will be the biggest painting for my exhibition and kind of heavy. Thus, it took approximately a hour for mounting the paper on it.

I completely finished to mount the paper which looks very nice and flat (Japanese quality). Actually many people prefer to paint on canvases or wooden panels since it is needed a high skills as mounting paper as well as taking so much time. I have been using this style since I was in high school so I am used to this skill very much. Although this is not very popular technique, I prefer to draw on the paper because I am able to depict  detailed images more them canvas. Finally, this is a very indispensable notebook for me because there are a lot of images, concepts and  so on. I refrain to show it for you because of mess. Nevertheless, next time I will show you a few images.


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Invisible images.

Actually I finally have finished my new work which is a sculpture ,but  I did not have any ideas how I can take a nice and attractive pictures with my skill because I am not good at taking photographs. To be honest, I am not arrogant yet I am satisfied with it. No!! I should not say that I have not be satisfied yet because artists must not feel satisfaction for works. So I was thinking any possibility of taking my ideal photos. When I looked around in my studio my neighbour’s cat was looking at me from the different building then I realized that the cat owner is a photographer and writer. Maybe I can ask him to take pictures for my work!! Fortunately, I was lucky because he accepted my asking agreeably and I had a good talk with him.

So this is a picture from my recent work.

Oops! I put a unclear filter on it because I would like to keep secret until my next exhibition!!

Please understand me!!




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White as snow.

I woke up early in the morning and opened the door in the kitchen. My neighbourhood was already  covered by snow profoundly. It was totally white and absolutely silent like everything is nothing. In addition, I want to quote wards which is ” through a tunnel and there was snow country.”  from Yasunari Kawabata who is a great writer  in Japan.

“This mean is that finally real winter comes to the city of Toronto. Actually it is not so surprising ,but for me I am kind of exited about a lot of snow. When I was in Japan I  played with snow even I grow up too. Moreover, it reminds me of my grandfather. When I was little, I used to go to his place in the winter and I he used to play with me and give me icicles from roofs. they were very beautiful with I still remember. However, recently there is few snow in my town because of changing weather and temperature. So, some people living in my town are grad to the happen yet I am pretty sad.

Indeed, my opinion is rather childish, but I do not want to forget my good memory with my grandfather. that is why I painted “fleeting gem “.  This is not my new painting. Nevertheless, I just remember it because of this time.

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Serious Sweet

This is a baking book which I bought for my Christmas gift myself last year.

In eace pages there are splendid cake images which really inspires me with creative because those are including various vivid colours and look absolutely delicious. Also, decoration is so beautiful and I can guess they are very fragile. However, I do not often eat any sweets except “SOMA Chocolate”and I prefer to enjoy imaging tastes, texture and so on from beautiful decoration.

For instance, purple cream would be tasted blue berry or soda and yellow cream might be pine, banana and mango.Nevertheless, my roommate told me that those motifs are mostly made of a lot of sugar like icing. To be honest I have known it since I came to Canada. When I first saw it, I was absolutely interested in it because I had never seen such a colourful cake and I had no idea for the taste. Actually I tried on it yet I did not agree with it because it was incredibly sweet for me.

One the other hand, one day my roommate brought me some sweet from his coworker’s party and I tasted them. However, I was not able to eat since they were also very sweet. I felt that my teeth were melted. I do not exaggerate my story and not insult this different culture. I just concern about avoiding bad teeth because consulting a dentist is tremendously expensive for foreign students.

Therefore, I got inspiration from my experiences then I painted this picture which is called ” Taste Like Melting Teeth” in 2009. My paintings mostly consist on my own experience. I think today’s topic is pretty serious and hopefully you enjoy my writing.

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