Happy Christmas!!

Happy Christmas for everyone. Actually I do not celebrate for the day ,but now I have to follow this such a great day. Thank you for every friends. I wish you have a wonderful day today.


Stretching paper.

I have just stretched paper on a wood panel before I had been to the Le gallery because today is the last day for the exhibition in this year and I wanted to say “thank you” for the dealer. Fortunately, I sold my works from there because of his great effort and also my effort as well. It was a nice visiting and walking around for me. I always focused on my painting too much so my friends usually strongly recommended me to go out!!

The city has changed a lot with christmas illuminations such as every store has christmas trees with a lot of red, green and golden decorations that amused me. However, there is lacking of something important for the season. Many people and myself have a strong desire for “SNOW” in the city!

We are not able to think of without snow in the Christmas! Where is the snow? I have been waiting snow for Christmas this year. Why I think so because my stretching paper reminds me of snow because of snow.

Recently I have been working on series of paintings. This is from my school project, but each painting takes a lot of time because of so much details. Actually I do not have to work so hard whereas I do not cut corners every painting even  it is school project!

I should let you know about the Nicholas Di Genova’s show in Paris soon. He is one of my favourite artists in Canada and also takes part in the Le gallery as well. If some one is in Paris or  interested in his works, please go to the web site. There is information about his work and installation.

Nicholas Di Genova – Preemptive Evolution | galerie dukan hourdequin



The Drake Hotel

Recently I have had a great news that the drake hotel picks my  works up street-side window space. One of the hotel buildings has been construction so they have been covering windows using my two paintings. I am very appreciative of this support!! There is more information about the installation at the great hotel.

I would like to mention about one of my friends has an exhibition now.

There is information. Change of Seasons, at Freedom Clothing Collective, this Friday November 25th at 8pm. Freedom Clothing Collective is located at 939 Bloor Street West (at Ossington) in Toronto. There are two elements to this exhibition, framed work and an installation piece. The framed work will be on display until December 4th and the installation piece will stay up until Januray 31st. Freedom Clothing Collective is open everyday from noon to 7:30.

More information http://freedomclothingcollective.blogspot.com/2011/11/november-exhibition-change-of-seasons.html

little flower.

I do not any news recently but, one of my plants which has blossomed tonight at the studio. I have been taking care of it for 3 years. When I went to a flower shop, I found a tiny stalk on the ground. It was very small so I did not expect it thrived very well. Some times the plant has a lot of pretty flowers that I have been enjoyed for many times. Unfortunately, the plant was harmed by minute bugs this summer. I took out most of them and then the plant became so small. I thought it would not grow up ,but it bloomed with a beautiful flower again. Even though the plant is very small, it is very strong and overcomes many problems itself. Moreover, I am encouraged from the little plant. Now the winter is coming to Toronto ,but I hope my plant grows up well.